Bedroom notes

I am typing from bed. Today has been a long day. I had a dream last night. It is been a while since I dreamt of anything. Then I managed to solve so many unforseen issues one of which had me to rush to the dentist. I came back home and wanting to really just cry. I felt overwhelmed. Instead, I decided to have a calm night. I smoked, watched some nostalgic drama and now I am in bed.

Part of the progress is the amount of time we spend on processing things. It was brought to my attention that I am faster in accepting harsh feedback comparing to when I first started. Similarly, my problem-solving is taken less and less time.

I also realized that I became less tolerant to ignorance. I choose my battles wisely.Therefore, I am mostly isolated. The interesting bit about humans is that they really want to be close when you in/directly push them away. I have heard that before but never even realized. I at 33 actually do.

I am content but also disconnected. I am intrigued yet hardly ever moved. I am visionary yet nostalgic.

I sleep..